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Mundaka Upanishad
Volume 3
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Embedded within the Atharva Veda, Mundaka Upanishad is one of the primary Upanishads. Its 64 verses expound the core wisdom of Vedic philosophy, providing the seeker with critical knowledge regarding the nature of reality, the mechanisms of the dualistic mind, and the practice that is required for true inner purification and a life dedicated to the Truth. In this book, we come to the third and final section of the Mundaka Upanishad, where our journey with the ancient seers of India reaches its climax. The nameless sages of old have left us both an invitation and a challenge: Are we really satisfied with what we are? Are we ready to listen to the timeless call of our deepest desire? Do we have what it takes to take our potential to its fullest splendour and actualize the gift that lies dormant within us? Throughout these commentaries, Acharya Prashant takes us to these questions and encourages us to enquire into them deeply.
1. Two birds, beautiful of wing (Verses 3.1.1-3.1.2) 2. Seek the one who is Truthful (Verse 3.1.3) 3. Life is Consciousness alone (Verse 3.1.4) 4. The ways and name of the love affair unending (Verse 3.1.5) 5. Only the Truth wins (Verse 3.1.6) 6. Vast, unthinkable, subtler than the subtle, farther than farness itself (Verse 3.1.7)
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