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Meditation has come up as a very popular practice, especially in the last couple of decades or so, and many kinds of techniques, methods, and gimmicks are being marketed in its name. But what is actually promised? What is actually delivered? What if meditation as we know it has nothing to do with real meditation? In these discourses, Acharya Prashant guides and encourages us to take a step towards real meditation. The contemporary methods and approaches are ruthlessly examined and deconstructed, and it is possible that what you thought to be meditation was really something far from it – and actually something very harmful and dishonest.
1. What is meditation? 2. What is Vipassana meditation? 3. Strange sounds and thoughts during meditation 4. Myths about meditation 5. Beware the cult of the present moment and mindfulness 6. How to meditate continuously for 24 hours?
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