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Beyond pleasure and pain
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Happiness, as we know, it is a turncoat; one seeks it through all one's endeavours and runs after it desperately, only to find that a height is followed by a low, a promise is met with disappointment, and one is forced to begin the cycle once more - because the thirst remains unquenched. This frustration brings one to seek something that does not disappoint, something that time cannot touch, something that does not depend on acquisition or favorable circumstances. In this book, Acharya Prashant guides you to contentment beyond happiness, sadness, and all pairs of opposites - the joy that does not wax and wane. Subtler than the subtlest, yet obvious beyond all description; impossible to find if sought, yet totally immediate; more surprising and dangerous than the wildest imagination, yet completely dependable; ever fresh and new, yet completely innate and familiar - the joy where the seeker finds rest, and his thirst is quenched.
1. The futile search for happiness 2. Happiness cannot be the purpose of life 3. Want to be happy? Become sad! 4. Real happiness is self-sufficient 5. Definitions beyond dictionary 6. What is joy?
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