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Is she just food to you?
Veganism and its spiritual basis
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The Covid-19 outbreak unjustly interrupted the pompous picnic party. But where did it all come from? Where is it going?

This book is a compendium of Acharya Prashant's insights on meat-consumption, its impacts, and critique of the human tendency to recklessly consume, dominate, proliferate; leading to the destruction of mankind. Acharya Prashant justly highlights and reinforces spirituality as the real solution to global crisis in the light of ancient wisdom.

Simply put in Acharya Prashant's words: Collective action won't help; institutional interventions won't help; after all, it's the man's mind that is behind all collectivism, and all institutional action. Man's mind has to change. The fundamental problem is the darkness of human mind. And only spiritual wisdom can heal it.
1. IsSheJustFoodToYou_AP_BK 2. Spirituality and Veganism 3. Is it possible to be spiritual and eat animals? 4. Veganism is the strongest name for compassion 5. Why should one stop consuming eggs and milk? 6. Vedas And Milk
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