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Introduction to Upanishads
A brief introduction
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The Upanishads are concise and poetic expressions of pure religiosity, and the output of the heights of man’s consciousness. They are one of the oldest documents that man has recorded, and they have survived the test of time—they are as relevant today as they were at the time of their origination.

But a contemporary interpretation is needed.

Throughout his years as a public speaker and Vedanta teacher, Acharya Prashant has spoken on the Upanishads a great deal, emphasizing their importance for one’s spiritual understanding and growth.

This book serves as an introduction to the Upanishads, containing a small selection of chapters on a few principal topics, especially for someone who is new to the Upanishads.
1. How are the Upanishads useful? 2. Mystical peace mantra of Upanishads 3. It’s a love-hate thing between the Teacher and the student 4. What is the highest? 5. You always have a choice 6. Stone covered in gold
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