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Spirit, Vision, Nation
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If you are interested in saying that India is great, then be 'great' yourself, you are the greatness of India. If Indian is not great then how can India be great?

Many great people have happened on this Earth. India has been the cradle of religion, of science, of mathematics, of music―that is why India was great. India was great because of those people.

More of such people are needed today. If such people are there then India will be great; otherwise, it will not be. Then you will say that India was great in history, but you will not be able to say that India is still great―today.

If you want to make India great today, create iron within yourself and cultivate loyalty towards the truth.
1. What makes India spiritual? 2. India and Tolerance 3. Has India lost its spiritual heritage? 4. Why doesn't the current education system create a Vivekananda? 5. Why didn't the saints fight for the country's freedom? 6. What is patriotism?
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