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Do you know your real inner need? Is your decision-making aligned with your core self? That is the question to be asked. You must know who you are and what you really need, who you are when you are not defined by others, who you are when you are not ruled by your animal body. Once you know the nature of your self, you also know what your self is really asking for, longing for, and that makes your decisions; that decides what you would be choosing.' In this book, Acharya Prashant returns to his alma mater in the form of online conversations with students and alumni of IITs from all over India, who have queries related to their studies, personal lives, careers, and spiritual topics. Being an alumnus of IIT with a brilliant academic performance, and yet having taken an uncommon path after his studies as a Vedanta teacher, Acharya Prashant’s insights into student life with its prevalent problems and challenges come from the firm foundation of his own experiences as a student and the path that has led him to become a spiritual teacher. Self-knowledge is the most overlooked subject in our education systems worldwide, and the crisis humanity is going towards is a clear indicator of its absence. Without spiritual education, man lives without knowing himself or what he really needs, and is always at the mercy of situations and random events, blindly following the dictates of forces unknown to him. These discourses are an effort to restore the inquisitive spirit of enquiry to us all, and an encouragement to actualize our capacity to exercise choice rightly and lead a life of independence and contentment.
1. When change strikes student life 2. More viruses and more waves—how to cope? 3. How to reduce overthinking and anxiety 4. Procrastination vs having a good time 5. Then don’t sleep at all! 6. Is it love or lust? I’m confused!
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