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Book of Myths
An enquiry into popular spiritual beliefs
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Whenever a story, a belief, or an assumption goes on unquestioned for long enough, something strange happens. That which might have started as mere delusion and lies will gain a position where the possibility of questioning its basis and validity is not merely prohibited but actually forgotten. Myth becomes our reality. That reality becomes our life. And that life is lived in lies. The inquisitive mind will see that this is not the case only in the domain of spirituality or religiosity; these myths are situated in all of us on a much deeper level. Although the degree may vary, one thing is certain: we all live in these myths, and rarely do we want to question them, the very roots of our beliefs and way of life, our very self itself. In this book, Acharya Prashant offers a helping hand for the rare few who are courageous enough to take a leap into the unknown. In this selection of discourses ranging from prevalent illusions to age-old religious fairytales, our common beliefs and spiritual superstitions are exposed, deconstructed, and revealed in the light of uncompromising scientific rigour and timeless spiritual wisdom. It does not matter whether you are new to spirituality or an experienced seeker. If you wish to have clarity and lead a life of honesty, this book is for you
1. Forget positive thinking; Reality is the highest positivity 2. Positive and negative thoughts are one; live in understanding 3. Self-improvement is a decoration of the disease 4. Only the ego wants to correct mistakes.The fundamental mistake is ego itself 5. The sixth sense is just the conditioned mind trying to take a more acceptable name 6. . In giving something more importance than the One, you are destroying that thing
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