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Body, Intimacy and Sex
Beyond shame, guilt, ignorance
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What we call as the life of a human being is outwardly a life lived in social and physical interactions. More often than not, at the center of these interactions sit strong notions and policies about love, sex, relationships, emotions, parenting, and the rest of the matters representative of our ways of living.Influenced by media, by education, by parents and friends, these notions are internalized with no thorough discretion, and they rarely carry the insight that would help us to move towards real intimacy with life. But for the one with an untamed desire for living in its total and pure intensity, there is no settling down into compromises or ready-made conclusions. Body, Intimacy and Sex is a practical guide to utilize the contents of one’s daily consciousness in a way that will have a liberating effect on the consciousness itself. Acharya Prashant takes us through multiple themes and weaves it all together into a whole of unprecedented beauty and clarity.
1. Why do we suppress sexuality? 2. Don’t suppress. Just understand 3. Body, senses and beauty 4. What is maturity? 5. You are so powerful that it scares you 6. When you are sure of yourself, you feel less angry at others
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