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Advait in Everyday Life
No secrets, just the obvious!
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Advait has since long been revered as the crown jewel of all spiritual philosophies. However, there are very few books, if any at all, that practically demonstrate the presence, applications, methods, and benefits of living as per the golden teaching of Advait-Vedanta. This book is a much-needed and rare attempt to bring spirituality and philosophical teachings to everyday life. The author's genius lies in being delightfully able to bridge the abstract world of theorizations and principles with day-to-day circumstances, happenings, emotions, and relationships. With the author, Advait is no longer a transcendental idea, rather it is something that breathes, lives, and grows with us in our routine affairs, and enriches our life and our world as a blessing. The fun starts when the otherwise intimidating philosophy is revealed to the reader as immensely intimate and easily, practically implementable. This is a book not just for the mind, but for life
1. The pull of the world versus the call of the centre 2. Why is life not lively? 3. Why do I keep repeating mistakes? 4. Why am I always thinking of the society? 5. How do I get rid of my restlessness? 6. This futile search for happiness
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