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A flying kiss to The Sky
Fundamentals of Living
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Flying Kiss to the Sky is a book that has a unique one page-one article structure. This book covers all the important topics in our lives in the most meticulously chosen words.

Precise and crisp, the book is like a help guide to life. It can almost be carried as a cheat code to life, living and spirituality. What better than a book that tells-it-all with such aptness.

Many words and concepts that we use in our day to day parlance have been so derided from their actual meanings that they have almost become myths. A wonderful read to look deeply into these concepts and in turn look more honestly into our lives.
1. Our Fundamental Nature 2. Practicality, Right and Wrong, Entertainment, Habits 3. Strengths and Weaknesses, Hard Work, Willpower, Confidence 4. Jealousy, Positive Thinking, Motivation, Passion 5. Emotions, Hesitation, Decision-Making, Procrastination 6. Competition, Profession, Success, Stress
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