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Climate, Within
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“We do not know who we are. We do not know what we are here for. Therefore, we endlessly consume, we procreate, we live meaningless lives. Because we do not know ourselves—and therefore the right purpose to life—we run after miscellaneous identities, power, freedom, and so much else. And all that is externally manifested as climate change. So, climate change is nothing but a gross and tangible representation of what is sick in our very hearts.”

In this book, Acharya Prashant converses with students, spiritual seekers and environmentalists on topics surrounding contemporary environmental problems – namely, the impending climate catastrophe. He invites his audiences to come to the fact of the impending crisis and its multifarious manifestations, examine and challenge the efficacy of the measures currently being undertaken, and realize that the source of all these problems is just one – and that without coming to that source and addressing the problem where it really lies, no amount of action is going to save us.
1. What is behind the crisis of our time? 2. The climate crisis is a spiritual crisis 3. East meets West on climate change 4. A crisis of climate within each of us 5. The Earth cannot afford even one more human being 6. On the global crisis of population, consumption and climate
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