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Vedanta [New Release]
Understanding the fundamentals
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The Vedas are among the oldest scriptures known to man. Their philosophy is called Vedanta – the end of the Vedas. Vedanta is timeless, for it addresses the unchanging inner condition of the human being. Vedanta is not a philosophy but an enquiry into the nature of the self and the world it perceives. Vedanta asks: What do I want? Why do I never get fulfilled? What is it about me that always seeks activity and something else, the next exciting thing? Who am I to keep wanting like this, and where did I come from? That’s the most fundamental Vedantic enquiry— Who am I? Vedanta does not theoreticize, assume or speculate; it seeks to know the reality of the ’I’ and its relationships directly. In this book, Acharya Prashant introduces the fundamentals of Vedanta and its key concepts, as well as its poetic heights, through dialogues with seekers and commentaries on select verses, giving the ancient philosophy an accessible contemporary expression. In simple yet profound words he shows us that Vedanta is accessible and open to all, and that it contains the answers that one needs for a life free of suffering and true fulfillment. The timeless solution to man's inner turmoil is here!
1. A beginner’s guide to Vedanta 2. What really is Vedanta? Is it relevant today? 3. How are the Upanishads useful? 4. Science or Upanishads—who explains existence the best? 5. It is impossible to understand 6. Is a living teacher necessary?
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