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On Excellence
A journey of immense joy
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What is the definition of excellence in the domain of the inner world? How does spirituality define excellence when it comes to the everyday challenges of the academic environment, choosing a career, ambition, success, greatness, and the quality and direction of life in general? In this book, Acharya Prashant answers these questions by conversing with students, professionals and seekers who wish to understand themselves and life better in the light of spiritual wisdom. As a graduate of IIT and IIM and a former Civil Services officer who ultimately found his individual path as a Vedanta teacher, Acharya Prashant’s teachings contain invaluable insight for all who wish to improve their respective life situations, choose the right kind of goals to achieve, understand the world within and without with more clarity, and lead a life of freedom, originality and purpose.
1. How to live and not just survive? 2. The final solution to all addictions 3. A small tip for time management 4. Do Indians respect excellence? An inside story 5. The source of all excellence 6. Want to beat the competition?
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