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Kabir Saheb
When he sings, I just stand and listen
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"When it comes to Kabir Sahib, I am a fanboy. When he speaks, when he sings, I can just stand and clap all day. Brute honesty and childlike simplicity—how can you put these two together? Kabir Sahib does." Saint Kabir is a mystic who defies all traditions and categorizations. His deceptively simple and voluminous body of poetry, and the life he led in the context of his times, conveys an immensely deep insight, a love burning with intensity, and a fierce rebellion against the hypocrisy of his contemporaries. In this book, Acharya Prashant pays homage to him and answers questions on his poetry. The special place Kabir holds in his heart can be seen in the love, understanding and respect he displays in elucidating the meaning of the verses for his audiences. Here the seeker will find love that uplifts, a clarity of vision, inspiration for the bleakest hours, an intense yearning with unending patience, and most importantly, a bit of humor and wit.
1. Who is Saint Kabir? 2. When he sings, I just stand and listen 3. Why does Kabir cry for us? 4. Are these absurdities or miracles or what? 5. Why is singing of such great importance in spirituality? 6. Suffering invokes freedom, suffering brings Truth
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