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Understanding the 'self'
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We all say 'I'. But do we know this 'I'? Do we know where it comes from? Do we know what it really wants? In this book, Acharya Prashant delves deep into the many faces of the one we are, the one we collectively call as 'I'—the ego. It is the ego and its suffering that lies at the center of all spirituality, and all wisdom is aims to dispel the subject's ignorance about itself. Throughout these discourses, Acharya Prashant introduces us to the fundamentals of our self-identity and its expressions in the human condition, and shows us that that which we have taken ourselves to be is far from our reality, that our potential is far greater than we could ever imagine—provided we have the courage to look at ourselves honestly.
1. Three grades of ego 2. How was the ego created? 3. The ego likes suffering 4. Is the ego a gift from God? 5. Is ego pride? What is enlightenment? 6. Why does one have ego?
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