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Decoding Success
Know, before chasing it
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Being an alumnus of IIT and IIM with brilliant academic performance, a former civil services officer, and the founder of one of the largest socio-spiritual movements of the 21st century, Acharya Prashant is a shining example of true entrepreneurial success and worldly achievement. Yet in his teachings he repeatedly challenges the prevalent notion that success is something of the outside, and implores us to see that our ideas about success are misplaced – that the real battle leading to real success lies within, and that one’s success is not determined at the end, but right in the beginning itself.

Discover the success that transcends victory and defeat with Acharya Prashant!
1. Inner growth for high achievers 2. Unlocking your internal superhuman: will to power 3. The path to success 4. Two types of successes—choose yours 5. Get some love before you chase success 6. Decision-making mastery: your key to lifelong success
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