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Your mind wants peace || Neem Candies
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Whatever has come to the mind has come with a promise. What is the promise? The promise is: I will give you peace.

The mind feels inadequate. The mind feels incomplete. Whosoever promises it completion, the mind latches on to it. It could be a thought, it could be a vision, it could be a target, it could be an identity, it could be your self-image. Whatever it is, is it giving you that? Or is it a source of strife? Is it a source of conflict?

Ask whatever is present in the mind, what is it doing to your life? What is it that it is bringing to you? How do you feel when you are with a particular idea? How do you feel when you are really with a particular person, not just bodily sitting side by side? Does it bring peace to you?

Whatever comes to you, if it is not giving you that which is your deepest longing, clear it away. That is clarity.

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