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You are so nice! || Neem Candies
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You want the other person to be nice. We are such idiots. We want the other person to be nice. And if the other person is not nice, we feel there is no love. We do not understand anything. We are prepared to give up our life probably when somebody comes and says just two sweet words to us.

“Oh, he is my friend.”


“Because he talks sweetly. He comes and hugs me and then he says, ‘Baba, how are you?’ Nice! And because I live only at the surface, I am alright with that. But there is another one who admonishes, who chastises, who calls a spade a spade, who is terribly real. And I will say this fellow is my enemy because he tells me that I am an idiot.”

The doctor is telling you, “You have cancer.” Is he a friend or an enemy? But look at our stupidity: you want the doctor to tell us that everything is so nice about you. You are rotting. You are stinking. But you want the doctor to certify that everything is good.

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