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Working for the salary cheque || Neem Candies
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When you say that you go to your workplace for a purpose, is the purpose ever the work? The purpose is the salary cheque. In fact, if work could be bypassed and you could straightaway reach the salary cheque, then who would want to work? Is work the purpose really? Now, why work in such a place then? Why subject yourself to a month-long torture so that you may get a cheque in the month end?

When you work purposelessly, then you really work. Now you are going to work ; you are not going to get the salary cheque.

The purposes are always in the future, somewhere ahead. It is the 5th of the month and the purpose lies on the 30th of the month. Today is the 5th but the mind is saying, “Oh, when would the 30th arrive?” When you don’t have a purpose, then you can really work on the 5th. Working without purpose means really working. “Now I am not bothered about what would happen tomorrow; today I am really working.”

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