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Why to listen to a Teacher? || Acharya Prashant (2019)
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Questioner (Q): Acharya Ji, if I want to understand anything like – anger, or any other emotion, first that I do is, that I search for your videos on these topics, and I listen to them to understand. But I am not sure that it is my original knowledge, or I am depending on you.

Acharya Prashant (AP): You can surf the internet, look at various definitions, look at the Scriptures, look at all kinds of wisdom texts to remove yourself.

Not to learn something, but to unlearn something.

So, when you say that you search for ‘anger’ on the internet, is it that you are totally innocent of the word ‘anger’? Are you? You already have big stories about the word ‘anger’. Now if you gain further knowledge to cut through your pre-existing knowledge, then it is alright.

If there is something that the internet can teach you about anger, that helps you puncture your own concepts about ‘anger’, then it is wonderful. But do not assume that the internet, or books, or anybody can really teach what ‘anger’ affirmatively is.

That you will have to see on your own.

And that does not require much doing, because anger is very close to us. And we are very suitably placed to look at anger. Are we not?

There is anger. And who am I? The angry one. So who will know anger?

Q: Me.


Of what use then is Wisdom Literature? It helps you remove what you already know. It has a negative function. And that is its utility – that it has a negative function. When I say, “Negative,” I do not mean – bad. I mean – it has a cleansing effect.

When I say, “It has a negative function,” I mean – it negates.

It reduces, it cleanses. It removes.

Removes what?

That which you are already occupied with.

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