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Why is nothing permanent? || (2016)

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Acharya Prashant

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Questioner: Why is it so certain that ‘whatever comes will go’?

Acharya Prashant: Actually, the quoted statement is an impression that whatever comes, stays for a while, and then goes away.

The fact is a little different.

Whatever comes disappears at that very moment. It will not go; it is already gone.

There is nothing in this universe that is permanent even for a millisecond or for a nanosecond. So, whatever comes, changes immediately. ‘A’ changes into ‘B’. Now, where is ‘A’?


We live in time, whatever we perceive—any object, event, or any relationship, the whole universe, whatever we perceive, we perceive it in time. And time means change. The moment you go from the zeroth second to the first second, something has changed. Had it not changed, you would not have been able to detect time, or conceptualize time, or give a meaning to time.

Time is just another name for change. So, whatever is in time, which means whatever is perceptible through the senses, whatever is worldly, whatever exists in the universe is in time. And time means change and change means disappearance.

So, whatever is, will not go away; it has already gone away.

In the moment of its appearance, it simultaneously disappears.

Everything simultaneously disappears in the moment of its appearance.

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