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Why avoid those who remind you of the Truth? || Acharya Prashant (2019)
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Question: Acharya Ji, I feel that I do everything only to feel complete. I feel incomplete all the time. Why is it so?

Acharya Prashant Ji:

If you are constantly feeling incomplete with no inkling of your innate completeness, it means either or both of two things.

One – you are not going to the ones who can remind you.

Two – when they are reminding you, you find the reminders so harsh or unacceptable, that you don’t listen to it.

We said, “When the reminder comes, it does not merely tell you of Truth, it equally and concurrently tells you of the falseness that you are. You are reminded of both the things simultaneously.”

Did we say that?

So, may be you are not liking one part of the pair, so you are rejecting the pair itself, including the other part.

To be reminded of one’s innate Truth, first of all one has to go to the ones, who remind. And even if one is near to the ones who remind, one has to be prepared to allow oneself to be hit and hurt.

So, I said, “Either one, or both conditions are not being met.”

One has to go against his instincts. Instinct is always pleasure favoring. Instinct will say, “Why face trouble? Be where there is rest and comfort and nice-nice pleasure.”

Going to the Teacher is first of all, an anti-instinct decision, because it is anti-pleasure.

First of all, the decision itself is difficult. Secondly, even if you gather the courage to go, you have gone with the expectation of getting the Truth, but instead of giving you the Truth, he starts giving you what is false about you. In that, is hidden the Truth. So you start crying foul.

You say, “I came to get the Truth. And what is he giving me? He is constantly telling me, ‘You are false, you are false’. I didn’t come to listen from you that I am false. I came to get from you the Truth, so that I can say, ‘I am the Truth. I have the Truth.’ But instead of giving me the Truth, you are constantly bombarding me with statements like these, that tell me that I am false.”

Now, anyway it was a half-hearted and lukewarm decision to go to the Teacher, and the Teacher makes it even easier for you to escape away from him.

You say, “I already had my doubts about my decision. The old-fellow carries the bad reputation not for nothing. I went against the common social wisdom to come to him, and here he is, clearly proving, why he is in the hated top ten list.”

“Repeatedly I am telling him, ‘Please tell me The Truth. Would be even better if you tell me – ‘I am the Truth’. But every time I talk about the Truth, he starts saying, ‘This is false, that is false’.”

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