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Where do the criminals come from? || Neem Candies

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Acharya Prashant

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Do you never wonder that, in spite of being told all these so-called virtuous things in childhood, from where do these criminals come? After all, every criminal was a child once, and every child is told of all these so-called moral and immoral things. Then why do people grow up to be murderers and rapists? The reason is: because truth, the truth of life, cannot come to you from outside.

It is a grave misconception to think that ethics and morality can be taught. But that is what is happening in every house. The mother tells the kid, “Speak the truth!” And if the kid is not a totally dull kid, he will turn around and ask, “But mother, why should I speak the truth?” And the mother will be irritated because she does not know. Somebody told her; that is the way she knows. It is not coming from her own understanding.

The real freedom, the only freedom, is the freedom of the mind, and unless your education brings that to you, education is worthless. It can give you a few conveniences, which is alright, but that is all superficial. Till the time you do not get the second kind of education, life will remain violent, life will remain full of suffering, and people will remain ambitious and greedy and discontented.

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