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Desire is the great evil that defeats all the petty evils. For the sake of desire, you can shake hands with your worst enemy. Everything has been consumed by desire. Everything.

A point comes, you know, when it doesn’t hurt to pay any price to fulfill your desire. It just doesn’t hurt. A fellow with lung cancer, in the last stages, may still steal away to have a cigarette or two. It just doesn’t hurt. One wants to fulfill the desire even if the cost is tremendous.

Bodies are improving, happiness is improving, prosperity is improving, and all this is happening without God. So, man does not need God; man is God. But yes, man won’t have love. Desire and love do not go together.

But then, love is such a delicate thing. It is not a thing, it is nothing. Why the hell should one bother about it? If desire can be fulfilled, who cares for love!

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