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This is what Shiva stands for || Neem Candies
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Even when you want to worship Shiva, you only worship him with his eyes half-closed, deeply absorbed in meditation. You do not want to look at the tāṇḍava mudra (dance of destruction form) of Shiva. Yes, there are a few temples, there are some infrequent references, but largely you do not want to think about it. Because if you think about it, then it is not good for your mood. Your day will be spoiled.

The Truth is more like Shiva in his pralaya (destruction) mode than like Father Christmas. The Truth is an utter destroyer. I do not know whether It creates, but I am very, very sure that It annihilates. And when one’s life is full of falseness, it makes no sense to talk of creation; one can only talk of annihilation.

The primary function of the Truth is to negate all your falseness, to show you that you are living in lies.

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