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The thing about the Law of Attraction || Neem Candies
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If a drunkard were to use the law of attraction, what would he deem suitable to attract to himself? A huge truckload of beer. He would keep fantasizing of beer companies and such things, and maybe that materializes also. And if that materializes, it is even worse for the drunkard, is it not?

What do you want to come to you? That which anyway is your disease. Can you use the law of attraction to make God come to you? Can you use the law of attraction to make peace come to you? But you want to use the law of attraction to make a woman come to you, right? And probably you will succeed. And if you succeed, then your life will be hell.

If you really knew love, if you were really in love with any woman, would you use the law of attraction, some kind of method, some wizardry, some totka (black magic) to attract her?

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