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The dog knows, the man denies || Neem Candies

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Acharya Prashant

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Dogs do it on roads, and no dog first allures the bitch with gifts or promises or rounds, or stuff over the fire, or holy chants. All that doesn’t happen. The dog knows what it wants, the bitch knows what it wants, and they just get over it quite quickly. Done and dusted.

Human beings spend five years, seven years in courtship, knowing fully well that the objective is just one. But neither the man nor the woman—assuming it’s a man-woman relationship—would dare confess it to the other. Especially not in India, and especially not if you are a woman. You cannot tell the man, “All I want is your body.” Here is a hint: the man won’t be offended—even if he is an Indian! It’s far better to be honest.

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