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The disease of the mind || Neem Candies

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Acharya Prashant

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If the mind is a diseased organ, then why do you trust it so much? If it is a diseased organ, then whatever you see through it, why can’t you just reject it? Why do you trust this unfaithful servant so much? If I have a machine that continuously gives me a wrong reading, let’s say a thermometer, would I still use it and declare myself to be fit or feverish? On one hand, we come up in such humility and say the mind is a diseased organ. And what do we do the next moment? We act as per the advice of the mind.

Yes, that mind is diseased, so I reject whatever it says. Now let me see whether there is another way of living. Maybe I will discover that the mind is not so diseased. Maybe when I know that the mind is diseased, the disease evaporates.

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