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The best way to get Truth and Love || Acharya Prashant (2016)
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Question: What is the best way to achieve Truth and love?

Acharya Prashant: You are the way; your life is the way.

There is no other way. What else do you know of? Do you know of anything except that which you are experiencing? You are asking as if there are options and other possibilities. I am asking you, do you know anything beyond your experience?

What do you know of? (giving emphasis on the question again) What do you know of? What are you seeing? *( i ndicating towards the objects present inside the session hall)*

You are seeing a room, you are seeing a hall, you are seeing the books, the rack, the table, the mike, the glass, the recorder, other people, sheets of paper. Now if you must exit this room, then whatever method you will deploy, will come from within this room. Will it not? If this room is where you are caged and enclosed, then can anything outside this room help you?

This room is your universe, right? It is your entire universal set of experiences. You know of nothing else. But these experiences are not very likable. These experiences are what you call as the inevitable suffering of life.

Now if you want to go outside of this room, what will enable you to go outside? This room itself, because there is nothing else.

I repeat: this room is your universe because this is where you are trapped.

Even if you say that this room does not have sufficient instrument or method or ammunition, to help you break free, yet you have no option, yet you can use nothing else. For you, there is nothing else. So start from here because you cannot start from anywhere else.

*Start from your life ; e verything else is an imagination.*

What you think to be outside the room, is just your imaginations sitting in this room, so even that too is within the room.

Start from that which you see ‘here’; ‘here’, right now.

Start from here .

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