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Such a demanding house! ||Neem Candies
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The more you expand your material universe, the more you invest in twenty thousand things around you, the more difficult will it be to walk free.

You go to a normal middle-class, upper middle-class household, and you see all those things, and each of those things needs to be taken care of. You don’t understand that you don’t own those things; those things own you. Do you really require that huge dining table? Ask yourself. Do you really require that entire cupboard full of that stuff? Probably you do, maybe you don’t.

First of all, reduce, reduce, reduce. Secondly, give up the value that a sparkling-clean household is the zenith of human accomplishment. All women should be compulsorily made to live in a boys’ hostel for five years. They should learn from the boys, the typical boys’ standard of hygiene and all.

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