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Stop the rotting feeling inside you || Neem Candies
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Channelize your desire. You must know what you are really hungry for. Your central and primary desire is not sex. Sex may appear overpowering, tempting, but that is really not what you ultimately want. Figure out what you really must have, and then sex will be assigned automatically, inwardly, its proper place; then sex will not be so much of a big thing for you.

Right now, for us, sex is not just sex. Sex carries magnificent notions; sex carries the promise of the ultimate fulfillment. Don’t you see we are a hyper-sexualized society? That just tells of the inner rot. Because we do not have inner fulfillment, so we put mega-emphasis on something so external—sex.

In some sense, great sexual urge is an indicator of great inner energy waiting to find the right direction. Give it the right direction.

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