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If you start thinking that a man or a woman will bring contentment to you, will bring godliness to your home, then you are going to be severely disappointed.

And that’s why you see disappointed couples. The man was living a forlorn life. The woman was living a spineless life, a colorless life. She would think that the man would bring some character, some spine, some verve. The man himself is often spineless. So, after a while the woman starts feeling disappointed: “I thought he would be a pillar of support. I don’t know what kind of flaccid pillar he is—never upright enough to support anything!”

And there is, then, the usual, lukewarm, depressing drama—that which we call as married life. He wants an omelet; she doesn’t have the eggs. She wants to go shopping; he doesn’t have the time or the money. Actually, neither of them really have what the other one really wants.

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