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Rape of the mind || Neem Candies
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Acharya Prashant
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I’ll tell you what the rape of the mind is. When the mind has nonsensical purposes, that is rape of the mind. When things like stuff that happened in the childhood or teenage attracts you and dominates you, then the mind is being raped. Forgive me the clichéd expression, but the mind needs a lover, and whenever the mind does not get to that lover, the mind lands in the hands of rapists.

Your rightful purpose, your solitary purpose must be to move towards the solitary One, the Lover. If you are engaged with any other kind of nonsense—this, that, “this matters to me, that matters to me, he insulted me, she said something to me, this happened, that happened”—then you are inflicting rape upon yourself.

I know I am sounding harsh. I’ll punish myself later!

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