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Playing the victim card? || Neem Candies

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Acharya Prashant

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Just as the ego loves to take credit, it also loves to play the victim.

If something good has happened, “I did it!”

If something bad happened, “It happened to me.”

“Good things I do, bad things happen to me”—this is astounding.

Playing the victim is a favorite pastime of the ego. Most of the time, it has to play the victim because only bad things happen to it. Good things, the ego being what it is, will happen only once in a while, so the possibility of taking credit arises only very rarely. Most of the time, you are just left to play the blame game because bad things are happening one after the another. So, you seek to put the blame on somebody: “This time he did it, I am the victim! Then he did it, I am the victim!”

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