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Milkman Gurus || Neem Candies
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Very, very vulgar demonstration of consumption of thousands of litres of milk… So, they will take the milk and put it in a pond and say, “This pond is all full of milk!” or they will even encourage their followers to bring lakhs of litres of milk on some holy day and pour it over a deity, and they will say, “You see, this is a great pious thing happening in front of your eyes!”

These are not gurus at all. When you say, “Why are our gurus not talking of the meat industry? Why are our gurus not talking of it?”—they cannot, just as a politician cannot talk against the people. A politician can talk against another politician, correct? But can a politician talk against the electorate? He cannot do that. Their entire business is based on pleasing people. So, same with the gurus.

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