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Men vs. women when showing emotion || Neem Candies
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Acharya Prashant
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“Why are women so emotional? If we are saying that it is okay for a man to be emotional, there is an implicit assumption that men are not emotional but women are.”

Both are. It’s just that both express their emotionality in different ways. Inner urges, latent tendencies in women show up in one particular way; maybe she will weep. Inner urges, latent tendencies in men show up in a different way; maybe he will fall silent, maybe he will go out and smoke, maybe he will drink a lot. But it is the same thing at work, the same central tendency being displayed in a feminine way versus a masculine way.

So, it is no different. These are mechanical processes in our biological system. Why are men so horny? Why are women so emotional? Same thing, just the same thing.

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