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Is poverty something that existence gave you, or is poverty something that the society has given you? If existence were to be blamed, then ask yourself, why is nothing else poor?

The rose is shining so majestically without earning anything. The animals are leaping and playing so beautifully without going to work. And man is being told again and again: unless you make a career, you will die of starvation!

You will not have seen a rabbits and lions and elephants die of starvation because they don’t wear a tie and go to offices. In fact, they are so healthy; they live their full, natural life. They don’t get heart attacks; they don’t suffer from AIDS and cancer; they don’t have to go to psychologists to get treated for depression, unless they are in contact with human beings.

It is so rare to find a really joyful man.

“The car of the neighbor is bigger. That corporate honcho has his private jet, I only have a Mercedes. I am so poor!”

So who gives poverty to you?

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