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Meet her and be free of her || Neem Candies

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Every woman attracts you because you go close to no woman. Go close to a few women, and then very few women will attract you. Those who have gone close to women know that. Have two or three affairs, and then you will be protected from next twenty or thirty.

Those who don’t have any love affairs feel like having a love affair with every woman they see. Even if attraction is a trap, to avoid that trap, fall in that trap a few times.

But you won’t go close; you won’t touch. You would say, “I am the Witness!” You are not witnessing; you are participating with your eyes, with your mind, with your imagination, with your dreams, with your hands—and this is such a sick participation.

Why whisper when you can talk aloud? Why dream of her when you can meet her?

Meet her and be free of her. Dream of her, and remain forever bonded.

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