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Man stabs in the back
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And man have such great systems of morality and yet man is a ‘Mass-murderer.’ Man has caused thousands of species to get extinct and they will never come back. Is that not surprising? Except the child of man, nothing is told right and wrong and yet it is the man who seems to be the worst offender of all. The dog knows Love. In spite of never have been taught anything about Love And Man is continuously been taught Love and Man does not know Love. Man stabs in the back. No, dogs stabs in the back and man has given ample lessons in Loyalty and Fidelity. Nothing in existence makes itself up. Man wants to do a lot and in doing a lot he only degrades himself. That which is central that which is really important is beyond right and wrong. To live in your essential nature is only right. And this is a secret that entire existence knows. The only right is to be aware of ‘your’ nature and live in it. *Live* by it and die by it. If the cost is death, pay the price. You need not tell somebody that it is right to be free. That which is really important is already known to us, rest need not be taught. Remember that, the only right is to be aware of ‘your’ nature and *Live in it.* The only wrong is to have an ‘artificial personality.’

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