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Love some, kill others || Neem Candies
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Obviously it is inhumane to kill an animal to consume its flesh, and that’s one of the biggest indicators of our inner depravity. But then, who are the Americans really to point fingers at China? You kill pigs, you kill lambs, you kill cows—what to say of chicken and fish? And then you want to castigate others because they kill dogs and bats and snakes—as if the life of a pig is any less important than that of a dog—instead of understanding that it’s about man’s relationship with life itself, with all forms of consciousness itself. You are trying to make it a thing that involves only certain species. What you are saying is, “No, no, dogs should not be eaten, but pigs can be slaughtered. No, no, how can you consume insects or bats? But killing cows is alright!”

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