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Live for a cause, not a person || Neem Candies
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If you have to invest your hours, your months, your years, invest them on a cause. The cause could be your own development, or general development, social welfare, whatever. But let it be a cause, not a person. Let the cause occupy you fully.

This applies to both men and women, to all people, young and old, and especially to those who are gripped with loneliness and FOMO syndrome. There can be nothing worse than being saddled with, being tied to, being chained to some general unworthy person in life. That’s the worst hell you can create for yourself.

If life is benevolent enough to offer you a great companion, nothing like it. But if you cannot have a great companion, live all by yourself. Your solitary existence is two hundred times better than being coupled with a mischief-maker.

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