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Learn to suffer || Neem Candies
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If current situations have pain, ask yourself, what makes you bear that pain?

If you are bearing the pain to preserve your bondages, then you are your own enemy.

If you are bearing the pain to fight your bondages, then the pain is worth it.

Pain is unavoidable. Pain is the very fact of life. The question is, what is it that you suffer the pain for?

And believe me, there is nobody who doesn’t have to suffer. Look around yourself—what do you see? If you look honestly and deeply enough, you will see a lot of suffering. Suffering is.

Suffer for the right cause. That’s the best you can do. Solution to suffering is not a state of no suffering; the solution to suffering is right suffering. And to complete the story, I would say, if you suffer rightly, then slowly your tendency to suffer keeps reducing.

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