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Hyper sexualization || Neem Candies
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Acharya Prashant
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Men and women are different; their biologies make them different. But what we have is a hyper genderization, a hyper sexualization. The differences are there, but little. Society has hyper-inflated those differences. The woman has been turned into a hyper-woman, and the man has been turned into a hyper-man. And you must know why: because when the differences are great, then the attraction is also great. And that gives more carnal pleasure.

If there is not much difference then sexuality is natural, healthy, not overblown, not hyped up, not very spicy. But when you create a huge difference between man and woman, then you know the extent of titillation it offers. Now, for the man, the woman is a totally unknown thing; she is so different, as if she is from another galaxy. And for the woman, man too is a very, very different thing; she has no idea.

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