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How men trap women || Neem Candies
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Don’t give in to emotional traps. The man says, “Darling why do you have to work? You stay at home; I will work. You take care of the bed and the eggs and the babies and your mother-in-law; I will bring in the booty.”

As long as the woman keeps herself identified with her body, the nest and biology, as long as the woman keeps thinking that her body is an asset, there is no freedom for her.

“My money is your money.” Never accept this temptation. His money is never your money. Never ever try to think that his money is your money. If you don’t earn anything then you are a beggar, and that’s all. Full stop. He might be earning millions, but if you don’t earn anything of your own, you don’t earn anything. Full stop.

As long as the woman keeps thinking that freedom is about flaunting her body, there is no freedom for her. The woman is the more oppressed of the two genders, and therefore the revolution must arise from the woman.

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