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Gynaecology is psychology ||Neem Candies
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Gynaecology is psychology. Where else does the whole thing come from? And it’s not as if I am talking exclusively of women; with the men it’s just the same.

This entire body is just genitals expressing themselves in various forms. One part of genitals you call as genitals; the other parts of genitals you call as fingers, arms, tummy, chest. What is this nose? This nose is not a nose, it is genitals. Similarly, what is this brain? It is nothing but the uterus and the testicles taking another form. And that is why I am saying, gynaecology is psychology.

Go to most young people, and it’s not their brain that thinks; you know where they think from, right? They don’t even need to think—it just arises! Who needs thought?

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