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Guru Nanak Jayanti: What a real Guru will never do || Neem Candies
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The real Guru never shows you any way. He just shows you the futility of your own ways. He shows you that your own ways have only brought you ruin, and he tells you, “You are capable of finding a different way. I need not suggest you a way; you have all the capability, all the potential. You will find your way.”

The real Guru will never suggest any way to you. He is not in that business. He relieves you of your diseases and leaves you free with your health. In your health you can play around, do what you want to do; he won’t interfere. That is not his business. He quickly excuses himself. He fades away. He retires. You won’t find him anymore in your life after his task is done. He goes away.

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