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Good spirituality is good economics || Neem Candies
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Creating value in the economy means creating goods and services and an environment that uplifts you in the direction of the right values. A thing is valuable if it can add value to your inner life. Why am I saying ‘inner life’? Because what is valuable in your outer life is determined by how your inner life is. If you are inwardly insane, how will you know what is valuable to you in your outer life?

So, value has to be created inside. What does it mean to create value inside? Lift your consciousness. And once your consciousness is high enough, pure enough, you know what is valuable outside as well, and what is not valuable, what is not to be respected.

All that uplifts you is valuable. All that drags you down is not to be valued—valueless.

That’s how all goods and services in the economy must be assessed. What is this thing going to do to my consciousness? What is it going to do to you once it enters your life? If it is going to help you in the inner sense, get it at whatever cost possible; and if it is going to corrupt you inwardly, throw it away even if you get it for free. That’s how real economics must work.

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