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There are many for whom love is just a great sari. Then they don’t need love: in lieu of love, you can give them a great sari, and they are happy.

Often when they need a sari, they do not say they need a sari. She won’t directly say, “Get me a sari.” They say, “Janu (beloved), you do not love me!” and janu understands she needs a sari.

Similarly, janu does not need to say that he needs sex. All that janu has to say is, “I want to love you,” and she understands what he wants. If he says, “I want to love you,” he means: undress.

Love is difficult, very difficult. It requires guts, something burning within to want it. And if you don’t have that fire, those guts, then you can have ample material.

Most of us are not seekers of love. We are chasers of lovers. There’s a great difference between that—wanting love and wanting a lover.

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