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Crying for plum cake? || Neem Candies
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As long as you are living a socially adjusted and internally compromised life, as long as you are living resigned to your limitations, even your agony is limited. There won’t be much even in your sadness. You will cry for a while and then the moment somebody shows you some plum cake, you are okay. Is that not how we treat sadness? “Oh, she is very sad today—alright, have this!” In fact, sometimes you are sad just because you want to have this. So, the sadness is shallow.

But when you want to break away from this happiness-sadness duality and all the filth that we somehow name as life, then your agony is sharp and deep. It cuts through you. It cuts through you spiritually. That’s a great thing because it actually cuts through the ego. But spiritually, even though it might be a great thing, it still does hurt, and hurt badly. You will have to live through that hurt. Don’t succumb.

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